Oops I did it again!

Got another MGMT guitar pick. Maybe that one guitar pick earring I made needed some company for the other ear! :P

Thank you MGMT, thank you, thank you, thank you. The album is absolutely eargasmic!

Lyrics for MGMT.  I realize they are hard to read so you can see them here too. 

Seeing MGMT in Berlin with a friend from UK! EXCITED!

MGMT - Something To Do With Prince
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MGMT’S New Album Track Listing?


Not official, but it’s been floating around.

Alien Days
Cool Song No. 2 (Remote Song)
Mystery Disease
Your Life Is A Lie
A Good Sadness
I Love You Too, Death
Plenty Of Girls In The Sea
An Orphan Of Fortune

Reasons it could be true A) it’s the typical 9 or 10 songs they usually have and B) the leak came out of Europe where they will be touring shorty after it’s released


please get some new interviews going because I will go nuts with the politics here!

Decided Berlin and feel it was the wrong decision afterall and plenty more money for a flight ticket. Not sure whether to be happy or pissed off with myself now.